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Silver $ 12.95 /mth Rebills every month until canceled
One device
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5 GB bandwidth/Month
Gold $ 16.95 /mth Rebills every month until canceled
Two devices simultaneously
High Speed
10 GB bandwidth/Month


With the AriesVPN plans, you get access to the latest internet security measures and a dual layer of encryption each time you browse the web.

The Ultimate Layer of Encryption

AriesVPN utilizes the latest encryption technology, adding dual layers of protection each time you connect. Now you can rest easy knowing your data is away from prying eyes.

No Speed Issues

Every server is optimized for speed, regardless of load. Enjoy the full speed of your internet connection with our VPN.

No nonsense setup process

Access our worldwide servers through dedicated VPN clients on all devices.

No logs

There is a strict policy at our company against logs. We do not log any user data, ensuring you will never have to worry about third parties accessing your browsing information.

Access To A Kill Switch

When you install our VPN client, you have access to an optional kill switch. It ensures that each time the VPN connection is disconnected the client will disable internet access to your device.

Access Server Details

Get up to date information about our server locations by clicking here.

To get the latest internet protection, AriesVPN is your best option.

Is AriesVPN the best choice for someone who cares about online privacy?

Yes. We offer the best and most complete slate of security measures, protecting your IP address and other data from any threats.

Stay Under The Radar

With our VPN client, every time you browse the web, you are completely anonymous. No one can access your IP address or other identifying information. You can fly under the radar as you browse, stream and download all day.

Take Our Security With You!

Even if you are out of the country, you can still connect to our VPN service. We provide worldwide access and high speeds through our servers around the globe. And you can access your favorite streaming services while you travel too.

Worldwide VPN Access

It is great to know that no matter where you are located, you can connect to a VPN to protect yourself online. Say you are a hotel, airport or another location in a different country. Simply connect through our VPN client and get the best speeds, privacy and unlocked content.

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